1st Edition, Volume 1 (1835)

Each entry contains the family name, seat (or seats), the page as shown in the book itself, and the page within the PDF file, which is often different. These last may change if you are using a PDF file created by a different source, but the book page will of course be the same.

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Family Seat Page (book) Page (PDF)
Alterations & Additionsn/av0.33
Abney of Measham Hall572572
Aglionby of Newbiggin Hall524524
Aldersey of Aldersey9999
Alington of Swinhope570570
Allan of Blackwell Grange3939
Allix of Willoughby482482
Anderton of Euxton607607
Annesley of Bletchingdon77
Archer of Trelaske576576
Arden of Longcroft636636
Arundel of Trerice512512
Astell of Everton540540
Atthill of Brandiston Hall164164
Austen of Shalford465465
Aylmer of Walworth Castle177177
Aynsley of Little Harle Tower588588
Bagot of Pype Hall503503
Baker of Elemore546546
Barne of Sotterley & Dunwich139139
Barnett of Stratton Park498498
Baskerville of Rockley House8989
Bastard of Witley1717
Bateman of Kypersley Hall1818
Bates of Denton556556
Bates of Milbourne623623
Baverstock of Alton & Windsor515515
Beckford of Fonthill678678
Benett of Pythouse248248
Berkeley of Spetchley469469
Best of Wierton259259
Bethell of Rise451451
Bigge of Linden630630
Blackett of Wylam257257
Blaydes of High Paull667667
Blencowe of Marston St Lawrence414414
Bond of Grange240240
Boteler & Bosvillen/a516516
Bowes of Bradley181181
Bracebridge of Atherstone Hall270270
Brooke of Ufford Place336336
Bulwer of Heydon445445
Burdon of Castle Eden359359
Butler-Danvers of Swithland148148
Byng of Wrotham1414
Byrne of Cabinteely462462
Caldecott of Rugby626626
Calmady of Langdon268268
Calverley of The Broad & of Ewell Castle673673
Campbell of Barbreck563563
Candler of Callan105105
Carew of Carew Castle266266
Cassan of Sheffield648648
Cay of Charlton Hall384384
Challen of Shermanbury Park646646
Charlton of Ludford2727
Clark of Belford Hall596596
Clarke of Ardington110110
Clarke of Comrie Castle225225
Clavering of Callaly237237
Cludde of Orleton483483
Coham of Coham458458
Coke of Holkham33
Cole of Stoke Lyne192192
Collingwood of Dissington472472
Congreve of Congreve1515
Conroy of Llandbrynmair490490
Constable of Wassand547547
Constable-Maxwell of Everingham and Carlaverock325325
Cooper of Toddington158158
Coryton of Pentillie232232
Cotgreave of Netherleigh530530
Craven of Chilton House180180
Crawfurd of Crosby551551
Croke of Studley354354
Croker (Privy Councillor)n/a340340
Cromwell of Cheshunt Park428428
Curteis of Windmill Hill314314
Curwen of Workington Hall577577
Custance of Weston492492
Dalton of Thurnham522522
Dalton of Sleningford528528
Danby of Swinton200200
Darell of Calehill133133
Dealtry of Lofthouse Hall252252
Delafield of Fieldston542542
Denison of Rusholme Park383383
Dod of Cloverley297297
Donovan of Framfield Park7676
Dottin of Bugle Hall360360
Dowdeswell of Pull Court376376
Drake-Garrard of Lamer591591
Dugdale of Merevale488488
Duke of Lake285285
Duncombe of Copgrove151151
Dundas of Dundas642642
Dunlop of that ilk434434
Durham of Largo287287
Dykes of Dovenby263263
Dymoke of Scrivelsby3232
Ellison of Hepburn7777
Evans of Ash-Hill & Miltown Castle593593
Eyston of East Hendred1212
Fetherston-Haugh of Bracklyn Castle629629
Fitz-Herbert of Norbury & Swinnerton7878
Flood of Flood Hall122122
Floyer of Stafford605605
Foote of Charlton-Place372372
Fountaine of Narford224224
Garnons of Colommendy374374
Gataker of Mildenhall589589
Gent of Moyns370370
Giffard of Chillington206206
Gilbert of Tredrea & East-Bourn323323
Godfrey of Brook Street House408408
Gollop of Strode & Bowood600600
Goodhart of Langley Park369369
Gore of Porkington8282
Gore-Langton of Newton Park145145
Gosselin of Bengeo Hall301301
Gosselin of Mount Ospringe303303
Gower of Bill Hill320320
Greaves of Mayfield Hall386386
Greene of Rolleston521521
Greenly of Titley Court292292
Greenwell of Greenwell Ford114114
Grevis-James of Ightham Court397397
Grey of Morwick610610
Grote of Dulwich Wood609609
Gurdon of Letton395395
Gurney of Keswick484484
Halkett of Hall Hill338338
Hall of Abercarne202202
Hamerton of Hellifield-Peel519519
Hamilton-Rowan of Killyleagh348348
Hammond of St Albans Court130130
Hammond of Wistaston367367
Harries of Priskilly256256
Harrington of Worden461461
Harris of Hayne559559
Harvey of Thorpe399399
Havers of Thelton Hall381381
Hay of Leys504504
Hay of Pitfour507507
Hay of Seggieden509509
Helyar of Coker Court281281
Hickles of Silton Hall510510
Hill of Court of Hill654654
Hippisley of Lamborne538538
Holbech of Farnborough659659
Homfray of Landaff House236236
Horton of Howroyde283283
Hosken of Carines9494
Howard of Corby196196
Howes of Morningthorpe412412
Hussey of Scotney Castle262262
Inge of Thorpe-Constantine322322
Isherwood of Marple101101
Jodrell of Yeardsley226226
Jolliffe of Ammerdown Park517517
Kingscote of Kingscote280280
Knight of Godmersham442442
Lambert of Boyton6666
Lane of King's Bromley174174
Latham of Bradwell190190
Leighton of Shrewsbury260260
Lenthall of Bessel's Leigh178178
Lewis of St Pierre221221
Lewis of Harpton Court335335
Leycester of Toft7373
Lister of Armitage Park219219
Littleton of Teddesley389389
Lloyd of Welcombe244244
Loftus of Kilbride209209
Loftus of Woolland213213
Longfield of Longueville545545
Lovibond of Hatfield Peverell163163
Luttrell of Dunster Castle142142
Lytton of Knebworth447447
Manners Suttonn/a11
Margesson of Offington295295
Marshall of Headingley 294294
Marsham of Stratton Strawless417417
Massinberd of Ormsby661661
Master of Knole Park657657
Maunsell of Plassy304304
Methuen of Corsham392392
Meynell of North Kilvington401401
Moore of Appleby-Parva169169
Moray of Abercairny619619
Moreton of Little Moreton345345
Moseley of Buildwas321321
Moubray of Cockairny125125
Mundy of Markeaton2525
Mundy of Burton602602
Mure of Caldwell453453
Mynors of Treago8686
Nelson of Chaddleworth365365
Norreys of Davyhulme Hall310310
Oakeley of Oakeley250250
Oakeley of Plas Tan-y-Bwlch251251
Oliphant of Condie493493
Orde of Nunnykirk561561
Orlebar of Hinwick House246246
Ormerod of Sedbury Park112112
Packe of Prestwold156156
Palmer of Holme Park6565
Palmes of Naburn611611
Papillon of Acrise222222
Parker of Cuerden Hall116116
Pateshall of Allensmore146146
Paynter of Boskenna3838
Pearson of Ravensborne-House380380
Penrice of Yarmouth362362
Peter of Harlyn2929
Plumbe-Tempest of Tong288288
Plumer-Ward of Gilston7171
Pochin of Barkby234234
Pole-Carew of East Anthony557557
Pollen of Little Bookham575575
Polwhele of Polwhele424424
Portman of Bryanston6262
Powell of Nanteos230230
Powell of Hurdcott-House375375
Pratt of Ryston231231
Preston of Westderby Lower House478478
Prideaux-Brune of Place203203
Pusey of Pusey347347
Pye of Faringdon350350
Rashleigh of Menabilly495495
Ricardo of Gatcomb373373
Ricketts of Combe2222
Roche of Limerick 669669
Rodd of Trebartha260260
Roddam of Roddam675675
Rogers of Penrose299299
Roundell of Gledstone342342
Rous of Courtyrala118118
Ruggles-Brise of Spains Hall486486
Russell of Brancepeth104104
Salvin of Croxdale532532
Salvin of Sunderland Bridge537537
Salwey of Moor Park152152
Salwey of the Lodge155155
Samwell of Upton Hall440440
Sandys of Graythwaite308308
Sandys of St Minver658658
Scroope of Danby450450
Senhouse of Nether Hall213213
Severne of Wallop Hall413413
Shafto of Whitworth4747
Shakerley of Somerford99
Shawe of Kesgrave Hall672672
Shee (President of the Royal Academy)n/a405405
Shipperdson of Pidding-Hall Garth108108
Shirley of Eatington4949
Shuldham of Dunmanway653653
Sikes of the Chauntry House406406
Smith of Ashlyns Hall9898
Smythe of Methven Castle228228
Sneyd of Ashcomb555555
Sneyd-Kynnersley of Loxley Park166166
Spencer-Stanhope of Cannon Hall467467
Spooner-Lillingston of Elmdon185185
Stanley of Dalegarth9595
Staunton of Staunton526526
Steade of Beauchieff Abbey150150
Stickland of Sizergh5555
Storie of Springfield Lodge275275
Strangwayes of Well135135
Stuart of Tempsford427427
Sullivan of Richings Lodge410410
Sumner of Hatchlands6060
Sumner of Puttennam Priory6161
Swainston-Strangwayes of Alne665665
Swettenham of Swettenham640640
Tempest of Broughton474474
Thomas of Llanon628628
Thursby of Abington318318
Trelawny oif Coldrinick368368
Tremayne of Heligan193193
Trevanion of Caerhayes253253
Trye of Leckhampton Court603603
Turbutt of Arnold Grove666666
Turnor of Stoke-Rochford300300
Twemlow of Hatherton334334
Tyrwhitt of Nantyr583583
Tyrwhitt-Drake of Shardeloes580580
Vans-Agnew of Barnbarroch436436
Vassall of Milford499499
Vavasour of Weston5151
Vawdrey of Tushingham353353
Vivian of Pencalenick407407
Walker (Grand Cross of the Bath)n/a312312
Wall of Worthy Park121121
Walmesley of Westwood House278278
Ward of Guilsborough379379
Weld of Lulworth197197
Wellwood of Garvock276276
Werge of Hexgrave Park378378
Westby of Mowbreck & Rawcliffe597597
Wharton-Myddleton of Old Park171171
Wicksted of Nantwich497497
Wiggett-Chute of The Vine632632
Wilbraham of Delamere315315
Wilbraham of Rode635635
Wilkinson of Coxhoe6969
Williams of Herringston614614
Williams of Bridehead618618
Williams of Ivytower647647
Willis (De Anyers) of Halsnead Park4343
Winstanley of Braunston363363
Wise of Ford House1919
Wolferstan of Statfold Hall187187
Wykeham of Thame419419
Wykeham-Martin of Leeds Castle422422
Wyndham of Dinton160160
Wynne of Peniarth566566
York of Wighill Park664664
Yorke of Erthig344344